“Someday” Communicates to Me

OK, so while this post is related to my stated topics of choice, it does divert a bit. (Perhaps I should start a second blog that’s more like a certain P. Hilton’s?) I had a debate with a friend of mine recently over, of all topics, the importance of Nickelback. If you aren’t familiar with this band, they are a handful of men whose lead singer belts out songs about everything from Spiderman to the state of the world. He sings in this sexy gravely voice, that to me, says volumes.

And there began our dispute. My friend who shall remain nameless asserts that this band has nothing to say, that they are a pop-culture creation (pretty on the outside, empty on the inside) not worth the investment of the time it takes to listen to them. I on the other hand feel that whether or not they write their own songs (they do), they have a certain effect that can’t be discounted.

Why is that important? Because I think that’s what most of us strive for in some way, however small – to make an impact. Does it really matter if everything you sing about has obvious political or social importance? I don’t think it does. If you are able to communicate your message, whatever that message happens to be, then you are one step ahead of so many others. And, as my friend would argue, what if that message is just about the accumulation of money and fame?

Then I can smile as I enjoy their music knowing that in a small way I have helped them reach their goal. (Hey Chad, if you need a publicist…!)

Image: Idolator.com

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