An Issue of Time Management?

Infowit.comThis has been a very difficult term due to balancing a full-time school schedule, a full-time work schedule and a major life change. I keep reading different blogs, from Escape From Cubicle Nation to The Small Business Blog that give tips and suggestions for managing your time effectively, and I feel like it’s hard to make them apply.

Is my situation so unique or do I lack the proper mindset? I realize that everyone approaches time management in their own way, but why is it so hard for me to get “into the groove”? When it comes to maintaining my personal blog, researching communications or working on my art, I can never get enough time. When I am trying to study for a test or finish a series of articles about topics of interest to my company (but not to me) then suddenly I have a ton of time but no will to commit.



  1. I may not worry so much about time management, business focus is more to the point. The time management will come then all by itself.

    Best, Stefan

  2. Thank you Stefan,
    I enjoy reading The Small Business Blog! I hope that one day not too far into the future I will have the opportunity to apply everything I have been learning from your site.


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