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Fast Company is one of my favorite sites to keep tabs on, and this article is definitely worth reading. The idea is that businesses start selling leads to each other on an internet site called Salesconx. My issue with this? I think we have more than enough companies and people selling MY information to the highest bidder. I can’t count the amount of spam emails I receive on a daily basis, be it to my work address or my personal addresses.

Evan Sohn, the innovator, says he “hopes the marketplace will be trustworthy enough that it will allow top salespeople to leave inefficient practices like cold-calling or mass-emailing behind.” My view? I think it’s a great hope and it’s bound to fail. The fact is, no matter how you approach sales, be it on the internet or off, you will always have those jerks who care nothing for privacy, personal space or a customer’s actual desire. Making it easier for those bottom feeders to get a hold of my information is a bad practice. Period.




  1. I agree with you that the internet is filled with companies that sell your name and company information. Companies such as hoovers, zoominfo, salesgenie, jigsaw and spoke just to name a few earn their revenues by selling your company information to their members. It is done anonymously so you don’t know how they got your information. In Salesconx you know exactly who is making the introduction – there is no hiding behind the web site. You also hope that the person making the introduction is looking out for your best interest. If he/she is not then you won’t accept the introduction and they won’t get paid. I wish all people who have been using social networks to get introduced to the contacts in my network took the same care.

    To prove my point even further, search for your name on any of the sites I mentioned above and then search for your name on Salesconx. You won’t find your name on salesconx. It is our goal to help companies partner with folks you are working with to deliver enhanced value. We make money only when value is created and not by merely giving someone your name and address.

    I agree with your concerns and assure you that we will devote our resources to making sure we continue to take the higher road.

  2. Thank you for your comment Evan, I appreciate it. I tried out your suggestion and jigsaw was the only site I could search without signing up. If I’m trying to avoid giving away my information, I think I’ll skip that step:)

    As I mentioned in my original post, your business model is appealing and you have admirable intentions. I look forward to seeing how Salesconx develops!


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