“You Love Me but You Don’t Know Who I Am”

I’m a fan of 3 Doors Down, a rock-ish band of seemingly sincere young men. I’m listening to their song “Be Like That” and reading this article from Fast Company that discusses Facebook and some of the problems that come from being a part of its community. Personally I am a big believer in networking through social media platforms, but that’s also because I haven’t had any of the horror stories happen to me (knock on wood!). Engagements broken, employers insulted, jobs lost and opportunities taken away are just a few examples of what can go wrong when you engage with the world through such a personal medium.

As I am going through a divorce, let me say that I completely understand the desire to broadcast my status at all hours to the world in hopes of gaining support, but I also understand that these online sites are PERMANENT. Facebook or MySpace may shut down, but your information has already been broadcast and will never completely disappear. It’s a delicate balance and a careful line to walk. Engagement is wonderful, connecting with people all over the world and in your own backyard – just keep in mind that web 2.0 has an infinite memory, one that will still be around long after you are gone.



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