“Terror Scarf”…You’re Kidding, Right?

I’ve been incredibly busy these last few weeks with the addition of even more work hours and a quickening pace as I race towards the end of the term. However, when I started reading about the “terror scarf”, I had to comment.

Cute and bubbly television chef, Rachel Ray, sports this busy and stringy scarf for an online promotion of Dunkin’ Donuts. My first thought when I saw the picture was “not the most attractive scarf”. It took re-reading the article, moving back to her image and then staring for a moment to understand what the heck they were so upset about. OK-so that isn’t the right wording- I DON’T understand why these conservatives chose to take offense, unless it was simply a way to generate some buzz.

OK, someone informs you it looks like an Arab keffiyeh , a form of Muslim headgear, and then you stare at the picture and ooohh… there it is. But here’s my take – why in the world would you chose to associate a scarf that is worn like a scarf, (not twined around the chef’s head), one that is no more than an adornment on a person who is talking about donuts – with terrorists?? The leap is extreme. Not just extreme, but ridiculous.

Logically I’m following the argument, but then I just sort of stop with this bemused expression plastered on my face as I give up the pursuit, realizing that they’re just not going to convince me of the inherent dangers in a scarf. It’s not “ignorance” folks, it’s perception. We have enough hate mongering, enough fanning the flames of fear…

Are we so steeped in fear and prejudice that we are unable to see the donuts for the scarves?


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