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Communication Overload

I’ve already mentioned my addiction to Bloglines, but I thought I’d delve deeper as I find myself getting overwhelmed and falling behind. I pin A LOT. Days when I don’t have much time – meaning most days – I scan through my feeds, read the short ones and pin the longer ones that look interesting. My goal is to go back and read them when I have some free time, but the best of intentions…I am also a neat freak; I hate clutter. So I have to go back periodically and un-pin stories, even if they are still something I’d like to read. This can be painful as I will do a quick skim and momentarily wrestle with myself over clicking on that little blue pin. Is there a way around this? Perhaps cut down on the number of feeds I receive? I’ve done that too, with little improvement as I will inevitably come across a new one in the next week or so.

Here are a couple that I kept myself from pinning this morning. Perhaps if I include them with my daily blogging I will feel better about taking time to read them through while sharing something of interest. 

Shel Holtz discusses Sprout, an application I have yet to check out, but one that looks very interesting.

The BBC covers Japan’s moon footage. Wow! As someone who is a bit fanatical about space exploration (Do it, Do it, Do it!), images like these along with Japan’s plans to get a similar look at Mars make my morning.


Eric Eggertson talks about being yourself. This one has been pinned for a while as I think it’s a great point and not necessarily the easiest one to follow through on. He says you need to know what makes you tick and basically make sure what you do fits… I for one love social media, love communication and love research, so my profession is a great fit. This doesn’t make “being myself” any easier. I am also a very artistic person who likes to express myself visually and in a more chaotic, creative environment. This isn’t always easy to integrate into my work in the PR field as from what I’ve found; a great deal of the profession tends to be rather conservative. So how do you find a way to integrate self and work in an environment that is “almost” a perfect fit?

From Grinding.be, your business card becomes a handshake. I think this is a great idea! Yes, there are issues of privacy, but don’t we have those in abundance anyways? We have to learn to navigate through it all as we become more and more “instant” dependant.

Well, I think this sort of worked, but now it’s time to get to get busy. The rest will be pinned and saved for later :).

The Paris Hilton Meme

A very good question: Why hasn’t the Paris Hilton meme died yet?? For more, read this article in Wired. Memes are a very interesting concept. As someone who is passionate about communication and how we are able to connect to our family, our friends, our co-workers and our market, the meme study is very compelling. Going back to my post on social sites and their long memory, I think it’s smart to apply this information.

You can control it only in the very beginning, but then like a virus, the meme spreads of its own accord, growing without any direct guidance. Can you imagine the picture you paint of yourself on Facebook spreading like that? An idea that takes on a life of its own and if you weren’t honest or you were TOO honest, you are left with nothing but regret.


Some Great Tech.

Check this out: Chumby. I love new innovations! Technology is so much fun (when it works) that I get a kick out of keeping tabs on what’s new.


“You Love Me but You Don’t Know Who I Am”

I’m a fan of 3 Doors Down, a rock-ish band of seemingly sincere young men. I’m listening to their song “Be Like That” and reading this article from Fast Company that discusses Facebook and some of the problems that come from being a part of its community. Personally I am a big believer in networking through social media platforms, but that’s also because I haven’t had any of the horror stories happen to me (knock on wood!). Engagements broken, employers insulted, jobs lost and opportunities taken away are just a few examples of what can go wrong when you engage with the world through such a personal medium.

As I am going through a divorce, let me say that I completely understand the desire to broadcast my status at all hours to the world in hopes of gaining support, but I also understand that these online sites are PERMANENT. Facebook or MySpace may shut down, but your information has already been broadcast and will never completely disappear. It’s a delicate balance and a careful line to walk. Engagement is wonderful, connecting with people all over the world and in your own backyard – just keep in mind that web 2.0 has an infinite memory, one that will still be around long after you are gone.



Wired has this to share: Drugs in our drinking water. OK, so it sounds frighteningly prevelant. It’s in our groundwater, our rivers, our bottled water, our city drinking water… can you imagine the PR for this? There isn’t one person or one company responsible. It’s all of us. We all contribute through the wastes we expel and have processed into drinking water. (Did I say yuck?) The aspirin you take for your headache, the antidepressant she takes to get through the day, the Viagra he swallows every week, they all end up in our water.

So far there are no reports out of negative effects on humans, but certain animals have been affected. How long will it be before we are seeing correlations in people? 5-aspirin.jpg

I Love it!

Fast Company once again gives me inspiration! I love this tittle “Bodice Ripping 2.0″…who wouldn’t want to click? For those not familiar with the term, it refers to those passion-filled novels of lust and heartbreak; retribution and reconciliation. And now these steamy stories are available on your phone, your computer or your personal reader.

I think it’s great when you see something with as much history as the romance novel stepping up to the digital age instead of stubbornly sticking it out (pay attention Black Sun!). I can’t say that sitting in Second Life for a book reading will take the place of curling up on my bed with a novel in my hands, but I can say that any business that fails to grow with this digital communications era is bound to fade away like some old book left in the sun…


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