When Technology Breaks Your Heart

What a sad, sad day. First I have Firefox completely blow its top. Suddenly I can’t capitalize my s’s. Then I finally have to come to terms with the fact that my favorite reader – Bloglines – has fallen and can’t get up. OK, so this has been going on for a while, and unlike Firefox, I tried to give it some time to get it’s s&*t together, but it hasn’t. If anything, it’s gotten worse.

I check my feeds and suddenly the stories I have just clicked on are unread. Not only do they come back to life, but suddenly I will have 300+ unread and waiting. All of them are feeds I have gone through and refuse to muddle through again. I click “mark all read” and it only helps for one subscription at a time. I have to do it with all of them, day after day… how long can I stretch out my loyalty? Only this far, it turns out. It’s been more than a month of dealing with this junk and finally I am throwing my hands up and saying “screw it”. I’m moving on to Google Reader. Let’s hope those fields remain green.


Communication Overload

I’ve already mentioned my addiction to Bloglines, but I thought I’d delve deeper as I find myself getting overwhelmed and falling behind. I pin A LOT. Days when I don’t have much time – meaning most days – I scan through my feeds, read the short ones and pin the longer ones that look interesting. My goal is to go back and read them when I have some free time, but the best of intentions…I am also a neat freak; I hate clutter. So I have to go back periodically and un-pin stories, even if they are still something I’d like to read. This can be painful as I will do a quick skim and momentarily wrestle with myself over clicking on that little blue pin. Is there a way around this? Perhaps cut down on the number of feeds I receive? I’ve done that too, with little improvement as I will inevitably come across a new one in the next week or so.

Here are a couple that I kept myself from pinning this morning. Perhaps if I include them with my daily blogging I will feel better about taking time to read them through while sharing something of interest. 

Shel Holtz discusses Sprout, an application I have yet to check out, but one that looks very interesting.

The BBC covers Japan’s moon footage. Wow! As someone who is a bit fanatical about space exploration (Do it, Do it, Do it!), images like these along with Japan’s plans to get a similar look at Mars make my morning.


Eric Eggertson talks about being yourself. This one has been pinned for a while as I think it’s a great point and not necessarily the easiest one to follow through on. He says you need to know what makes you tick and basically make sure what you do fits… I for one love social media, love communication and love research, so my profession is a great fit. This doesn’t make “being myself” any easier. I am also a very artistic person who likes to express myself visually and in a more chaotic, creative environment. This isn’t always easy to integrate into my work in the PR field as from what I’ve found; a great deal of the profession tends to be rather conservative. So how do you find a way to integrate self and work in an environment that is “almost” a perfect fit?

From Grinding.be, your business card becomes a handshake. I think this is a great idea! Yes, there are issues of privacy, but don’t we have those in abundance anyways? We have to learn to navigate through it all as we become more and more “instant” dependant.

Well, I think this sort of worked, but now it’s time to get to get busy. The rest will be pinned and saved for later :).

A Post of Interest

Once again I was reading through my (literally) hundreds of news bites on Bloglines and I came across this post. As it pertains to my social media studies at UO, I figured it would be a good link to share. So click here for some great tips on how to participate in social media.


A Layered Approach?

I am a Bloglinesaddict, I can’t help it. The ability to read the headlines from my favorite sites ALL AT ONCE… wow! Today one of my favorite bloggers, Seth Godin, wrote about organizations being bound by restrictions, practices, etc. that prevent them from “layering” and thus growing. I love the idea that we have a term for the sort of approach that best helps a company (a person?) to grow. And I like Godin’s term. It works. We are merging so many different aspects of communication at an ever expanding rate, much like the idea of the universe billosign.jpgwing out and out and out…

The complexity of how marketing, PR, advertising and other forms of communicating with the public for commercial reasons are now intertwining is astounding. It’s crucial for a company to apply the layering approach that Godin mentions. We can no longer afford the time to plot and plan and finally, present. The universe is expanding and you have a choice to make – are you going to grow with it or fight against it? I have an idea which one of you will win.

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