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I love this line and figured I’d share. It’s creative and definitely sums up one view of this momentous deal:

“Microsoft says Yahoo has three weeks to negotiate a decent deal, after which time Microsoft is going to get medieval on its ass.” –Wired

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On Transparency

“It’s impossible to move, to live, to operate at any level without leaving traces, bits, seemingly meaningless fragments of personal information.” – William Gibson

As a self-accepted bibliophile, I have read something from just about every genre. During my teenage years of angst and self-discovery I read the novels of William Gibson – one promise after another opened up like delightful fortune cookies. It’s been years since I messaged in DOS and went by MonaLisa, but when something sparks a memory of his work, I might as well have just put the book down.

When I read the Wired article about Evernote, I was taken back to those heady visions of instant access to other’s details, to the projection of so many personal information bites that someone can “know” you in mere moments. It sure beats a handshake and a card. Now I know that I am getting ahead of things, but can you imagine?

Think of the ease of communication when all of our shared information is available with an instantaneous download. Refer back to my earlier post regarding the handshake data exchange. Now imagine this commonplace and people offering up who and what they are in the first moment you meet – be it in person or in the virtual world.

I know there are already warning tales in abundance of hacking each other’s information, hacking your own information and just about every cyber nightmare available. In my mind though, we are already suffering from that with identity theft and government spying and the list goes on… if it can be hacked, wouldn’t you rather offer it up willingly?

As you work to live a transparent life and others start to do the same, is it that hard to image people and corporations taking better care to regulate their own actions? When it comes to a choice between the difficult and illegal maneuvering to cover something up and the momentary pause required for making a decision between doing “good” and doing “bad”, I think the latter will predominate.

Honesty. That’s the key word.

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YouTube Quality Tips

I have been disappointed in YouTube’s video quality, so this article came as a bit of inspiration. For tips on how to access the higher quality videos, read this Wired article.

The Paris Hilton Meme

A very good question: Why hasn’t the Paris Hilton meme died yet?? For more, read this article in Wired. Memes are a very interesting concept. As someone who is passionate about communication and how we are able to connect to our family, our friends, our co-workers and our market, the meme study is very compelling. Going back to my post on social sites and their long memory, I think it’s smart to apply this information.

You can control it only in the very beginning, but then like a virus, the meme spreads of its own accord, growing without any direct guidance. Can you imagine the picture you paint of yourself on Facebook spreading like that? An idea that takes on a life of its own and if you weren’t honest or you were TOO honest, you are left with nothing but regret.



Wired has this to share: Drugs in our drinking water. OK, so it sounds frighteningly prevelant. It’s in our groundwater, our rivers, our bottled water, our city drinking water… can you imagine the PR for this? There isn’t one person or one company responsible. It’s all of us. We all contribute through the wastes we expel and have processed into drinking water. (Did I say yuck?) The aspirin you take for your headache, the antidepressant she takes to get through the day, the Viagra he swallows every week, they all end up in our water.

So far there are no reports out of negative effects on humans, but certain animals have been affected. How long will it be before we are seeing correlations in people? 5-aspirin.jpg

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